Membership Benefits

Why Should I or My Group Join the
International New Thought Alliance?

  1. I (we) become more of a part, as a member, of a worldwide organization of like-minded individuals.
  2. I (we) participate in the only democratic, grass-roots umbrella organization for New Thought in the world.  And have voting privileges as a member.
  3. I (we) receive a colorful quarterly magazine, filled with articles form great New Thought writers, teachers and ministers.
  4. I (we) can participate in local District meetings becoming further empowered in spiritual outreach and service as well as being a part of empowering others of like-mind.
  5. I (we) can attend Annual World Congresses, hearing and meeting outstanding leaders and speakers on New Thought principles and application of those principles, as well ad being exposed to a great inventory of New Thought books, music, and materials for sale.
  6. I (we) cannot only enjoy access to the most complete Archives of New Thought in the world but I (we) become a part of the support system for the Archives.
  7. I (we) can be a part of an organization that is completely dedicated to the spiritual enlightenment and transformation of each individual and the world.