102nd INTA Annual World Congress


Welcome to the 102nd Congress of the International New Thought Alliance. It was 1915 in San Francisco where the first INTA Congress was offered and celebrated, and we again gather to continue in our dedicated tradition of service to the New Thought Movement’s various branches, organizations and individuals. It is my wish that everyone who has made the effort to attend will leave at the end of the week spiritually refreshed and renewed. It is my wish that new friendships can be kindled and ongoing friendships renewed and strengthened. We are all in this together, and the journey is one of ever more deeply remembering that in Truth we already are what we sometimes think we are seeking. May this week contain many aha moments as conversations are enjoyed and speakers are heard.

Each Congress represents many hours of planning and preparation primarily by our office staff, and it begins within two months of the close of a Congress. This past year the initial planning meeting was held in late September. Indeed, this gathering doesn’t “just happen.” So very many people…mostly volunteers…have given (and are giving) hours of their expertise, time and talent for the express purpose of creating an environment of renewal for everyone. This is Love in expression.

Welcome. I am glad you are here. You honor me and each who serve within the INTA by your presence. May this be a positive and memorable time for everyone.

Click here:  To view and print the complete 102nd INTA Congress Program!